20 ft Container Home – The Cleveland Model – Shiplap / 20 ft Deck w/ Stairs / Off-grid Plus: Solar & Water

The Build: This 20′ container home features an open layout to give you as much space as possible to make your home feel more like, well, home. Here’s how our customization process works. The Specs: Dimensions: Bedroom – 10′ (L) x 7′ (W) x 8′ (H) Kitchen – 6′ (L) x 7′ (W) x 8′ (H) Bathroom – 4′ (L) x 7′ (W) x 8′ (H) Framing: Wood interior framing installed 16″ on center Insulation: R13- 2″ closed spray Foam in walls R21- 3″ closed cell spray foam in the ceiling R6- 1″ closed cell spray foam under a container Electrical: Qty 1 – 125amp 12 Slot Pa

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